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Becoming a Certified Universal Studios Specialist: Requirements and Benefits

Did you know that almost half of vacationers are more likely to book travel through an agent now than in the past? 

And with the travel industry booming, more people than ever are visiting theme parks like Universal Studios. If you share that enthusiasm for travel and theme parks, consider becoming a specialized travel agent for Universal Studios. 

Becoming a travel agent allows you to tap into your interests and turn them into a rewarding career as a certified Universal Studios travel agent. Learn all about what these agents do plus the requirements and benefits of the job.

What Does a Travel Agent Do?

Travel agents for Universal Studios are part of a field known as “leisure travel agents.” These agents create holiday packages for a variety of clients including families, couples, or singles, as opposed to booking itineraries for people traveling on business. At its core, the leisure travel agent’s job is to understand their clients’ interests and travel goals and create an itinerary accordingly.

For a certified Universal Studios specialist, the job description applies specifically to creating itineraries for people who want to visit the Universal theme parks. 

Universal Studios travelers may request their travel agent book things such as

  • Park tickets
  • Hotel rooms
  • Dining
  • VIP experience packages
  • Add-on park experiences

Once the agent has created an initial itinerary, they work with the client to fine-tune the trip before finalizing bookings. Sometimes, clients will have last-minute requests for agents, so the job is often a fast-paced and dynamic experience.

Requirements to Become a Specialist

Once you’ve decided becoming a Universal Studios travel agent is right for you, you’ll need to do a bit of research to become a certified specialist. Some states require travel agents to register with a state agency. Not all do, however, so look into your state’s travel regulations.

In order to become a travel agent specializing in Universal Studios vacations, you’ll need to complete the certification program from the Universal Partner Community. Look for a travel agency that provides access to this program as part of their on-boarding process, along with any other training and tools needed for the job.

After you’ve joined an agency and completed your Universal certification, you’ll be equipped to plan your clients’ dream vacation and address any hiccups along the way.

Benefits for Universal Studios Travel Agents

Travel agents don’t work for a fixed wage or salary. Their compensation is determined by commission, meaning they earn a portion of the Universal Studios vacations they sell. The exact commission will depend on which agency you decide to work with. 

There are many more benefits to being a travel agent for Universtal Studios beyond the paycheck:

  • Park discounts: Active agents get up to four park tickets 50% off and half off park hotel rooms each year.
  • Flexible hours: As an independent contractor, you’ll be able to set your own hours and work at your convenience.
  • Quick start-up: Like we covered above, becoming a Universtal Studio agent has a low barrier to entry making it easy to get setup and start selling.
  • Personal fulfillment: There’s something special about helping people and their families plan and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime vacation experience.

For the right person, creating personalized vacation experiences is a very satisfying job. Now that you know what travel agents do and the requirements to become a Universal Studios specialist, you’re well-positioned to start enjoying all the benefits of this rewarding opportunity.

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