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Treadmill Workouts For Beginners: Getting Started Safely And Effectively

Cardio health is so important. That’s why we have to get our blood pumping any chance we get. Treadmills have long been popular for a convenient indoor cardio workout. And yes, using a treadmill is still a fantastic way to get this job done!

When you’re starting out using these machines, it’s best to give yourself a little time becoming familiar with them. That’s really the best way to keep yourself safe and get the most out of your workout. Clothing is definitely a big one to consider.

Let’s dig in further to exactly what you need to get started on working out on treadmills.

You Will Need the Right Type of Shoes When Using Your Treadmill

First, before we get into the types of shoes best suited for treadmill machines, you need to make sure your shoes are very neat to tie or velcro. You don’t need floppy shoelaces causing your downfall on one of these things. A good running shoe or a sturdy sneaker will do the trick. Avoid open toes or shoes that are not in good quality. You’ll also want to make sure the soles of the shoes are holding up well.

Be Sure to Track Your Heart Rate and How Long Your Workouts Are

You need to keep your entire body safe when you do cardio, especially your heart. Tracking your heart rate at regular intervals during your routine will keep you privy to what your heart is doing. How stressed your body is. Thankfully, most brands like Sole Treadmills will have heart rate monitors built directly into their treadmills. Keep a notepad in your workout area where you can write down your heart rate range as well as how long your workout sessions are.

Wear Clothes That Are Comfortable to You But Won’t Get in the Way

You never want to wear anything that might get caught up in your treadmill. Anything dangling off the pants or perhaps baggy pants could cause issues while you’re trying to run or walk on your treadmill. Some people prefer tight compression style clothing, but remember it’s good to let your skin breathe during your workouts. It gives your body a chance to push the sweat and toxins from your pores versus keeping your skin wrapped tight.

Start with Small Attainable Goals and Then Push Yourself More

Don’t give yourself big goals as a beginner. Life seems to always get in the way of things. Start with small goals that will be easy for you to achieve. Allowing for you to succeed and reward yourself on your progress. If you haven’t been working out at all, just ask yourself to show up for five minutes a day, three days a week. Then build from there. 

You’re on Your Way to Mastering the Treadmill Machine

Now as you can see it’s easy to get started with a treadmill! With the right type of clothing you’ll keep yourself safe while operating the machine. Remember, you’ll want to keep the inside of you safe as well. So tracking your heart rate as you workout, and also keeping a journal of how long you’ve gone and your heart rate patterns is a smart idea. Now with some good goals you’re on your way to being a pro with the treadmills!

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