Breaking Down the Budget: What Goes into the Cost of a Mommy Makeover?

One common thing that most mothers realize after giving birth is that there are certain body issues that can only be solved by surgery. This is where a mommy makeover can be useful. These are a group of surgeries that tackle changes that dieting and exercising cannot fix, 

with the aim of making mothers feel better about their new post-pregnancy bodies.

Before any woman presents themselves for a mommy makeover, they should have a clear understanding of all the costs that are bound to accompany the procedure. Another function it serves is to help in the planning and to avoid possible hitches which may happen when a mom is trying to regain her figure after birth.

Understanding the Procedures Involved

The mommy makeover cost does not apply to a single procedure but it involves several procedures. It may include an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, mastopexy or breast lift, augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation, and lipoplasty or liposuction. All the above procedures have differing impacts when it comes to the total mommy makeover cost. For instance, a tummy tuck is normally the most complicated and can thus be pretty costly, and similarly, liposuction costs may differ depending on the parts that have to be handled.

Surgical Costs Explained

When it comes to the overall mommy makeover cost, the largest one that is usually taken would be the surgeon’s fee. This fee varies greatly; the cost depends on the qualifications of the surgeon and the region where the practice is located. Surgeons that specialize or those serving big cities tend to charge more than other surgeons. Furthermore, the intricacy of your operations; if you are integrating several surgical missions into your mommy makeover package, then the cost will be higher.

Additional charges may include fees for anesthesia together with the cost of using the hospital or facility where the surgery will be conducted. These may not be included in the initial price and may inflate your cost of treatment.

Other Costs Worth Noting

Besides the direct costs related to a specific surgery, there exist other cost incidences that you may need to consider. It is common that pre-surgical investigations such as blood tests and other forms of investigations be done to ensure the patient is fit for the operative procedure. There are certain dresses that are needed by a woman after the operation that aid her healing process, and there are also the pain relieving medications and anti–infection drugs.

Expenses which have not been foreseen can also occur. In some cases, there could be problems during the period of recovery and you may need to seek more attention from the doctor or visit the hospital, thus spending more money.

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While the costs vary widely, ranging between $8,000 and $20,000, many women consider a mommy makeover to be a worthwhile investment in their health and appearance after childbirth. During the planning stage of your mommy makeover, always consult with a qualified plastic surgeon for personalized quotation and other expenses that you may incur during your procedure. In addition, always ensure that you get the right surgeon(s) for your operation to ensure a safer and more satisfactory experience.

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