A Guide to Booking Luxury Student Housing in London

London has been a favorite destination for higher studies for a large number of international students. For more than one hundred years, students have been visiting London for acquiring higher education. As a matter of fact, degrees and diplomas acquired from London’s universities are recognized worldwide. After all, London is one of the two global cities and a major financial hub in the world.

When students enroll in London, their major requirement happens to be housing. Many students want low-cost accommodations whereas there are many others who are interested in choosing luxury accommodations. Many of the students who can afford luxury accommodations prefer them since they come available with high-end amenities.

Here, we will provide a guide to booking luxury student housing in London.

Understand Luxury Accommodation

Before choosing a luxury accommodation, the first thing you need to do is to understand what exactly the luxury accommodation is. In luxury accommodation, you get many facilities for your luxury also apart from the basic amenities. In the luxury facilities, we can first mark swimming pools that may be found in some student housing complexes in London. Besides, you can find gyms and yoga rooms for your physical and mental fitness. Cinemas, games rooms, and music rooms are the fun and entertainment features that can also be marked as luxury features. Some housing properties may also have BBQs.

Private study rooms can also be found in luxury accommodations in London. Additionally, you can also find the basic facilities in the luxury accommodations such as study desks and chairs, Wi-Fi, wardrobes, televisions, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, laundries, and more.

Set Your Preferences About Amenities

To be clear about the luxury accommodations, it will be good for you to set your preferences about the amenities you want in a student accommodation property. For example, if you want a swimming pool in your housing property, then you should look for properties where they are available. Similarly, you can think about amenities that are not so important for you since sometimes, one or two of the amenities may be missing from a housing property. In that case, you can check if the amenities missing are those that are not so important for you and whether your preferred amenities are available.

Check the Costs of Accommodations

There are the luxury accommodations available in different price ranges in London. Even if you can afford the high-priced accommodations some of the accommodations may be so expensive that they may be difficult to afford. So, you should book accommodation within your budget. Besides, even if you can afford the high-cost accommodation but you are finding the same luxuries in some other properties at comparatively low cost then you can save your money that you can spend on other useful things.

Check Private Student Housing

It is often observed that more and more amenities are offered in private student housing properties. The major reason behind this is that these properties are developed by private developers for their profit so they do their best to allure the students. This goes to the benefit of students and they find luxury accommodations. Sometimes, they may find luxury accommodations at low costs also.

Therefore, to find the best luxury student housing, you must check the private housing options in London.

Visiting Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

There are some online accommodation service platforms, which provide lists of student housing properties in London as well as other cities in the world. You can visit the London’s page on the websites of such platforms to find luxury accommodations in London. From the list, you can shortlist those accommodations, which provide luxury amenities.

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Filter the List to Find Luxury Accommodations via the “Filter” Feature of the Online Platforms

There is a “filter” feature on many online platform websites through which you can filter the lists according to prices, amenities, shared/unshared rooms and bathrooms, and more. You can filter the list by selecting your preferred luxury amenities, which makes the process of finding luxury accommodations much easier for you.

Use the “Comparison” Feature of the Online Platforms

Some online platforms like University Living ( provide a comparison feature also on their websites. Through this feature, you can compare multiple properties of a city on a single platform. You can compare their prices, amenities, distances (from universities), etc. via this feature. So, you can compare which property or properties have the luxury features desired by you. This is also an easy way to find luxury accommodation in London by students.

Book via the Online Platform

Online platforms provide the option to book accommodation directly from their websites. You can use that option to book the accommodation. You can fill out the online form available and follow the procedure as per instructions given on the platform and you may be contacted soon.

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