Green Solutions to Include in Your Renovation or Building Project

You might have different ideas for your construction or renovation projects. Going green is the best trend for any architectural project. Most communities have become highly eco-conscious. So, which are the most popular green solutions for your remodelling and construction projects?

Take advantage of natural light and heat

Most homeowners think that their house defends them from natural elements. However, if you prefer a green structure, a passive design will be the best choice. You have to consider the climatic conditions of the region to implement this sustainable building plan. Sun rays will make a difference in the temperature in your home. So, how will the passive design make your house more energy efficient?

  • Additional windows need to be placed on the northern side to make the rooms warmer on the colder days.
  • Choose sun-facing windows to install eaves and enjoy shade on summer days.

Install dual pane windows

Some modern windows have 2 glass panes integrated into a single frame. There is only a small space between the panes. It leads to the creation of an air pocket for better insulation. So, the exterior air temperature will not affect the interiors of your home. This innovative design also prevents the formation of condensation.

Repurpose materials for your renovation project

Do not throw away the old items if they can be repurposed. You can reuse some materials for your remodelling project. Today, it is costly to purchase new materials. That is why repurposing is the best idea to save money. Moreover, the renovation project will be greener with this approach.

Invest in electrochromic smart glass

Glass is a common material used for modern architecture for its aesthetic value. Electrochrome glass is the latest innovation that provides a smart solution. With the low-voltage current, the glass can alter its reflective properties and tints based on the external air temperature. You may control it manually or let it work independently.

The glass has integrated sensors sensitive to sun rays hitting the exterior surface. It allows the glass to determine the right mode for every pane. The common modes of this glass are Daylight, Tinted, Clear, and Glare. The occupancy and light sensors affect the outcome.

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Never overlook wall insulation

Insulation is the most crucial factor for the energy efficiency of your building. Without sufficient insulation, your home cannot maintain a proper temperature. So, your house will be hot on the summer day or cool on the winter days if there is no insulation. That is why wall insulation will allow you to save energy throughout the year.

Choose sustainable materials for new buildings

Use eco-friendly and sustainable materials for your building construction projects. For instance, you may choose corrugated roofing materials if you like to construct an open-plan kitchen room, which opens out into the backyard. Polycarbonate sheets are used for this roofing structure.

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