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Using Anuew EZ For Seasonal Lawn Care: Application Tips And Best Practices

69 percent of Americans reveal their lawn can benefit from more improvement. Sadly, most of them have no idea how to improve the lawn. Some have tried different products and practices, but nothing seems to work. If you’re facing this lawn care problem, consider using Anuew EZ. This product can help you achieve a healthier and lush lawn. You may, however, wonder how this product works to get positive outcomes. To help you out, here are Anuew EZ application tips and best practices.

 What is Anuew EZ?

Anuew EZ is a plant growth regulator that can be used to control the growth of chlorophyll tissue in turfs. It inhibits vertical shoot growth while encouraging lateral growth. Using it can help you reduce the mowing frequency. It also leads to the growth of a much denser and thicker grass that does not require watering.

 Anuew EZ Application Tips

Applying Anuew EZ at the right period and following the correct procedure is key to getting positive results. Here are the application tips to have a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year.

Preparation and Equipment

Before applying Anuew EZ properly fertilize and water your lawn. Hydrated and healthy grass can absorb the growth regulator more effectively. If possible, apply the growth regulator with a fall fertilizer to promote root growth and resistance.

To apply Anuew EZ, you can use a battery-powered 4-gallon sprayer with a Tee Jet foliar spray tip. The plan is to ensure the product is distributed evenly.

Mowing and Watering

You’ll need to mow your lawn a few days before applying Anuew EZ to ensure the product reaches the soil and roots. Don’t mow the lawn immediately after application; instead, leave it for a few days to ensure full absorption. After applying the growth regulator, stop irrigating your lawn frequently. Reducing the watering will encourage the grass to develop deeper roots, making it more resistant to extreme heat and drought.  

Best Practices for Using Anuew EZ 

Adopting the best practices can help you enjoy the maximum benefits of Anuew EZ. First develop a consistent application plan to get a healthy and lush lawn. Next, ensure proper mixing of Anuew EZ. If uncertain on the right mixing plan, check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Properly maintain the application equipment to ensure they’re working properly. So, clean them regularly and repair broken parts or replace the entire equipment.

Check the environmental factors to determine the right time to apply Anuew EZ. Avoid applying it during heavy rain or wind seasons. These weather elements can cause it to run off, washing the product away from your lawn.

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Effectively applying a growth regulator can help you improve your lawn and achieve desirable results. So, on top of following the above Anuew EZ application tips, consider consulting the manufacturer. Get information on the best time to apply the product and the equipment to use. Also, consult them on the right frequency of applying Anuew EZ to promote healthy and lush lawn.

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